Best Door Dealers in Hyderabad Metro Plywood.

Doors are of many types but to be precise we generally deal in following doors:

  1. Plain Flush Doors:
  • Plain Flush doors are of two varieties again similar to block board i.e, Hardwood Flush door and Pinewood Flush doors.
  • Only difference between flush door and block board is the thickness.
  • Thicknesses of Flush doors are 30mm, 35mm in general.
  • Hardwood flush door is cheaper than that of pinewood flush door.
  • Rating for hardwood flush door is 3/5
  • Rating for pinewood flush door is 5/5
  • Plain flush door once fixed is generally painted or laminate is pasted on it.
  1. Plain WPVC Doors
  • It is made out of Plastic granules and is solid plastic door .
  • It is used in general for Bathroom doors.
  • Thicknesses of wpvc doors is 28mm, 30mm in general
  • We can carve in few designs on it and it can be painted later on.
  • We get few qualities of it based on density.
  • We also deal in PVC frames.
  • Rating to this product is 4/5
  1. PVC Doors
  • Pvc Doors are low quality hallow plastic door.
  • We need exact size of the door.
  • It is a readymade door without any further changes.
  • Light and heavy both the qualities are available with us.
  • Rating to this product 2/5
  1. Laminated Flush Doors
  • Instead of plain flush door and painting it later on, many people prefer readymade laminated door.
  • Here door is pre-laminated with customized laminate as per the catalogue.
  • Rating to this product is 5/5

We deal in all varieties of above mentioned doors. All major brands flush doors are available with us.